The Change Reaction was launched with the belief that by changing the approach, we can strengthen the path — and amplify the possibilities — of each act of generosity.

We do this by providing our Change Agents (non-profit partners) with flexible Angel Funds that are used solely for direct emergency grants to their program participants. Not only does this unique platform help hardworking people experiencing unexpected hardship to receive immediate financial assistance, it also literally transforms people’s belief about what’s possible for humanity. Because of its unique full-circle platform, and the empowerment that it creates for its donors, caseworkers and recipients, The Change Reaction creates a chain reaction—of giving and gratitude, that changes the lives of all parties.



The Change begins with the donor who empowers caseworkers to make a greater difference in the lives of the people they serve by providing the funds — and the freedom — to act quickly. The case workers share the needs of the individual recipients with the Angel Fund donors, creating a one-on-one connection to real-life people with real-world challenges.



The Impact comes full circle when grateful recipients learn that another human—a stranger who cares—wanted to help them change their circumstances. The recipient often shares their real-life stories of thanks directly back to the donors and caseworkers whose kindness changed everything, so they too can feel the joy of giving. And, in turn, is moved to pay the act of generosity forward in the future.


The Reaction grows when these caseworkers can use their newfound freedom to make a direct impact on someone with an immediate financial need, affecting change on a bigger and more meaningful level than they ever thought possible. The movement amplifies their passion to help others, allowing them to become real Change Agents who fully realize their mission in ways never before possible.