A Giving Movement

Los Angeles is a tale of two cities—one side is thriving, filled with resources, culture and money; on the other side lives millions of hardworking people struggling to meet their basic needs. The Change Reaction is bringing these two sides together through vetted direct giving with a targeted focus that is lifting up Los Angeles and the hard working people that make up the fabric of our City. This movement in giving uses the power of our most trusted frontline workers - social workers, nurses, teachers, faith leaders, and community advocates - who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

When these three groups come together:
This is the true meaning of a Change Reaction.


Angel Funds provide a powerful funding source for social workers at partner organizations to help their clients remove barriers and take advantage of opportunities to further their success. These grants support the specific needs of the participants in the organizations by making an immediate, direct impact where it's needed most - whether it's proving transportation to and from the hospital for parents of children battling life-threatening illnesses, or giving first month's rent to a senior citizen struggling to secure permanent housing on a low, fixed income.

The impact begins with the donor who empowers social workers to make a greater difference in the lives of the people they serve by providing the funds to act quickly. Our social and frontline workers get wind in their sails when they can make a direct impact on someone they serve, amplifying their passion to help others. The impact comes full-circle when grateful recipients learn that a stranger wanted to help change their path, and then share their restored faith in humanity directly back to the donors and Change Agents.

After recipients receive their grant or gift from a donor, they are encouraged and inspired to pay it forward in some way or another—whether it’s cooking a meal for a neighbor, planting a tree or paying for someone’s coffee behind them in line. Whatever it may be, The Change Reaction continues to show that there is true kindness in the world and that it is important to always look out for your neighbors.