Every day, selfless caseworkers work tirelessly to make a real difference in the lives of others. Too often, their ability to feel the immediate and emotional power of philanthropy is limited, leading to feelings of frustration and burnout. With flexible Angel Funds used solely for direct emergency grants to their program participants, The Change Reaction empowers non-profit organizations and their caseworkers (Change Agents) to make a greater difference in the lives of the people they serve beyond the standard mandate of their organizations. 

We often hear there are angels among us. The Change Reaction’s Angel Funds give recipients hope that angels really exist.



Angel Funds are powerful grants that are given to our partner organizations, which we call Change Agents. These grants support specific needs of the participants in the Change Agents’ organizations by making an immediate, direct impact where it’s needed most, whether it’s providing transportation to and from the hospital for parents of children battling life-threatening illnesses or giving first month’s rent to a senior citizen struggling to secure permanent housing on a low, fixed income. Case workers share the needs of the individual recipients with Angel Fund donors, creating a one-on-one connection to real-life people with real-world challenges.


The result is an unprecedented return on investment in giving — making a difference not only for the ultimate recipient, but also for the caseworker who is able to personally impact the lives of individuals and families they serve, providing funds quickly and with flexibility beyond the standard mandates of their organizations. This act of generosity uplifts everyone it touches with a renewed sense of purpose — and power — uniquely fulfilling the dreams of the doers as well as those who receive.

Please contact Wade Trimmer at or (661) 313-4759 for more information about becoming a non-profit partner.