From simple acts of kindness to meaningful donations that can save families from becoming homeless and businesses from shutting down, we hope these Change Reaction Moments are an inspiration and testament to how powerful your actions can be.

  • I’m writing to express my gratitude for your generous assistance. Although I know that just saying “thank you” is not enough to express my appreciation for your kind donation. I’m happy to let you know that I can now slowly recover from my illness (COVID-19). I know it’s a long process for me to recover but people like you give me the courage to continue with life.


    Once again, thank you for your commitment and generosity. 


    Without your financial contribution, I would no be able to survive and hope for a better future.


    With deepest gratitude and warmest wishes,

    Change Reaction Recipient 

  • We are at a loss for words and can’t express how grateful we feel that you helped us out this month with our rent. We were stuck and really afraid of losing our home and afraid of what could have happened next as a result of that. We didn’t think anyone would ever consider helping us, but we were beyond blessed by The Change Reaction, and you. Without all of your help, we wouldn’t have been able to pay our rent. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to see that there are still humble people in the world willing to help those in need. We cannot wait for the time in our lives where can also help someone else the way you’ve helped us. We are grateful for everything and hope to someday meet you to thank you personally. 


    With Love,

    Change Reaction Recipient 

  • Thank you alone doesn’t seem enough for your gift to me. Thank you for saving my life, as I would not have been able to survive without my utilities. It gave me joy, happiness and rest because I still will be able to warm myself and cook a little food to eat. You have freed my mind from the torment of it (knowing they were going to be paid off). 


    Thank you for prolonging my life. 


    God bless,

    Change Reaction Recipient 

  • I want you to know that your generosity has changed my life. For 34 years, I have been a clinical social worker working first at a community hospital, then home health, and for the last 10 plus years on several surgical teams at UCLA. I encounter heart-wrenching situations every day. I have always had some small ways I could help our patients deal with the financial impacts of their illnesses. At my other hospitals, we had a small charity fund we could access in rare circumstances. Here at UCLA, we can get $5 meal tickets if people live far away, and we have a few parking validations per month per social worker. We have very limited Auxiliary funds which mostly help with just food and gasoline. And for older adults, similar limited gifts from a family foundation. Until now, that felt like something. A gesture at least. 


    But for the last few months, when I’ve had a family who needs more to weather the financial impact of serious illness, you have been their angels. Truly. You have allowed me to help our patients and families in a way that I have never been able to help. To lift the burden that allows them to focus on their battle with the disease and being there for each other. Thank you for your huge hearts and incredible generosity which allow me to be creative in how we can offer support to those in need to help them through these hard times and back self-sufficiency. 


    With gratitude, 

    Change Reaction Recipient  

  • We are so grateful for the gift card. Your support is really appreciated. My husband has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks and is still here. He is permanently disabled and we live paycheck to paycheck trying to keep a roof over our heads. With me only 1 month shy of completing 1 year at my job, I don’t qualify for disability (FMLA) and am out of paid time off. This past year has been harder than in the past years. I lost my brother and father recently and now with my husband getting sick and his health declining has been tiring. We really appreciate this money. God Bless you and this foundation!! Don’t know what we would do without this help. You are truly ANGELS!


    Warm Regards,

    Change Reaction Recipient 

  • Dear Donor,


    I would like to thank you on behalf of my client for your generous support. My client has a very serious mental health condition and without your help, she would still be living in her tent in the desert during this cold weather we have been experiencing. As the result of your great generosity, my client now has a place to stay in, and a chance to receive all the help that she needs for her medical condition. 


    With Gratitude,

    Change Agent 

  • Words can not express how grateful we are, by writing this card my tears are falling down on my face & imagining you as our angels with no wing. In these hard times, I realized not all the angels come with wings. 


    God bless & thank you for all your help. 


    Change Reaction Recipient

  • You’ve changed my life for the better. Your kind hearts have shifted my paradigm in just a few short weeks! 


    I want to thank you from the top of my heart <3


    Because of you the stress of securing a home is gone! I now have a beautiful space, an amazing neighborhood & OMG the amenities! 


    I am so grateful. This will be my launching pad into greatness! I’d love to have you both over for tea :)


    With love and gratitude,

    Change Reaction Recipient  

  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity. I believe you saved me from not only a great depression but also from a financial set back I would not soon recover from. Never in my life has someone been so kind in this way. Your kindness will not be forgotten and I will pay it forward to someone else in need. You are a special person. The kind that this world needs more of. I pray that in paying forward this blessing, it sets off a chain reaction in this world. Even if it’s only a small one. May the effects be like the ripples in a pond and carry until they can go no more. Every Christmas, every December. I will always remember you. Wishing you and your family the very best life has to offer. 


    Thanks for everything,

    Change Reaction Recipient  


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