I received an invite to join the app. Who else is on here? 

You are part of a very special group of close friends & family of The Change Reaction. You have been selected in this early stage of the development to explore with us the many ways we can improve philanthropy and immediately share the joy of giving!

How do I add funds?

Answer (Jay please write copy)

My account already has a balance. How do I make a donation?

While you are browsing, select a request and then click on the donation button

How do I see all the requests?

Use the browse button on the bottom of the screen

How can I contact The Change Reaction?

Please email us at support@changereaction.org

What is the Change Reaction?

The Change Reaction is a giving platform that provides vital financial resources to working Angelenos who struggle with urgent needs. We activate a vast network of trusted frontline workers and a large base of donors throughout Los Angeles to quickly provide grants and loans to those in need and prevent catastrophic life events.

There are a lot of “giving” apps. What makes The Change Reaction different?

The Change Reaction and our partners vet all the gift requests on the app. We make sure that they are real requests and the recipient has an emergency need.

What exactly is “Direct Giving?”

Direct giving allows a donor to give directly to an individual or family in need

Can I use my Samsung phone?

Right now, we are only available on iPhones. A version is coming for Android users in a few months.

Can I find the Change Reaction on my desktop or laptop?

Answer (Jay, can you get the app on a mac)

How much of my money actually goes to the recipient?

The Change Reaction receives other donations that cover programmatic costs so 100% of your donation goes directly to the recipient

If I change my mind (or simply have a balance at some point that I want back), can the money be returned

No, we’re sorry but once you make a donation, it can not be returned.

Who do I talk to about technical issues, problems with my registration or account, funding my account, becoming a donor, becoming a partner, or press related questions)?

Please contact support@changereaction.org

An investment in the Funds is subject to risk, including the possible loss of principal amountinvested. Investment decisions are made based on investment views and there is no guarantee thatthe investment views will produce the desired results or expected returns. The Funds investments inhigh yield securities or “junk bonds” are considered predominantly speculative and are subject to agreater risk of loss of income and principal than higher grade debt securities. Typically, a rise in interestrates causes a decline in the value of fixed income securities owned by the Fund. Equity prices can fallrapidly in response to developments affecting a specific company or industry, or to changing economic,political or market conditions.

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