Did you know that...



of full-time workers 
live paycheck-to-paycheck


‍(CNBC, 2019)



of Americans can’t cover 
a $400 emergency expense


‍(Federal Reserve Board, 2019)



households spend more than
50% of their income on rent 


‍(Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies) 

See The Change Reaction Small Business Angel Funds at work in Los Angeles.

Each day, millions of Americans work hard to build a good life for themselves and their families. Too many are just one unfortunate circumstance away from seeing it all come tumbling down. And once it does, it can become a downward spiral that without immediate help, many times becomes impossible to overcome.


This is the reason for The Change Reaction, a revolutionary movement that amplifies the power of giving and reminds people that the kindness of strangers still exists. Through partnerships with community-based organizations, The Change Reaction connects hardworking people experiencing financial hardship with individual donors ready to provide immediate assistance. We call these generous donations Angel Funds, a direct-connect giving platform that not only transforms life circumstances for recipients, but also changes people’s belief in what is possible for our world, resulting in an unstoppable ripple effect of philanthropy never before seen.

Join the movement.


The Change Reaction is happening—creating an unstoppable ripple effect of giving felt around the world. Now you can be part of it. 

Please contact Daphna Gerendash at dgerendash@changereaction.org or (858) 405-4806 for more information. 

“I truly appreciate you helping me with the holding fee expense for my new unit. Thanks to this gift, I can finally get off the streets and move into a safe environment. I have been dealing with a lot of personal problems, including cancer, for the last few years, and your generous gift could not have come at a timelier manner.”


- LA Family Housing Angel Fund recipient

“My heart is so overwhelmed by your kindness in satisfying the balance of my loan. I have had it so hard these past couple of months with no light at the end of the tunnel. But today you were my light. I thank you so much that I’m in tears as I write this and one day I will be able to do the same for someone else.”


- JFLA Angel Fund recipient

“Since coming to NHF, I started to realize that I matter and that I have potential. The donor who gave me the funds to move into my new place sent me that message loud and clear—that I matter. Thank you for helping me get back on my feet and for telling me that I’m valued.”


- National Health Foundation Angel Fund recipient

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