Nonprofit Angel Funds

Empowering frontline staff to serve clients better.

Nonprofits are the vital lifeline that support millions of people in our cities. Yet many of them don’t have any access to funds to directly help the people they serve. We provide funds to all of our trusted partners so they can vet each request and pay vendors directly, spreading love and relief to our amazing community.

YES instead of NO

For many individuals, a lack of resources during a crisis can mean the difference between continuing on an upward path or spiraling downward into disaster, including losing their home. We give social workers access to quick funds for their clients’ emergency needs, to help a formerly homeless veteran furnish his new home, a DoorDash driver fix her broken down car, and a plumber buy tools for his new job.


Pending eviction. Relocation. Home repair.

What do we consider urgent needs? The emergency expenses that arise in people’s lives, and those who don’t have funds to cover them.

Housing needs: pending eviction, rent, relocation expenses, home repair, furniture, security deposits, appliances
Living expenses
Transportation needs: cars, auto repair, public transportation
Economic mobility assistance: technology, certifications, tools, work supplies
Non-health-focused hospital and medical-related issues
Legal issues
Typical grants range from about $500 to $2,500.

Since rolling out this program in 2019, The Change Reaction has given $18,978,663 to 50,645 Angelenos.

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