Patient Support Beyond the Hospital

Helping hospital staff support the whole patient.

Our funds provide much needed financial assistance to patients and families, relieving stress and allowing them to heal.

The Outside-Of-Hospital Needs

When families get the unexpected news of a sudden illness, it disrupts their entire lives.

Whether it be the breadwinner of the family, the youngest child, or a grandparent, many people have to quit their jobs or take a leave of absence so they can properly tend to their loved ones in the hospital. Most individuals and families have no way of handling the financial burdens that come with a medical diagnosis. Bills begin to pile up and long drives to the hospital get expensive, giving families no financial cushion to support themselves. 

The Change Reaction provides financial gifts to patients and families experiencing unexpected medical emergencies.

Through partnerships with hospitals and medical centers around Los Angeles, clinical social workers, nurses, and doctors have the ability to access urgent funding to help stabilize their patients and families dealing with out-of-hospital financial burdens. 

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 Our Partners

We partner with the biggest Hospitals and Medical / Trauma Centers all across Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital LA
City of Hope
Eisner Health
Keck Medicine of USC
Los Angeles General Medical Center
Providence Holy Cross
Providence Saint John’s
Providence St. Joseph
Providence Tarzana Foundation
UCLA Health
UCLA Pediatrics
Medical and Trauma Related Centers (a-Z):
B + Foundation
Center for Assault and Treatment Services
Friends of Karen
Miracles for Kids
Providence Trinity Care Hospice
The Children’s Clinic Health
UCLA Rape Treatment Center
Venice Family Clinic
Violence Intervention Program
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