At The Change Reaction, we're all about showing love to the hardworking folks in Los Angeles.

Our mission? Helping out one person at a time during difficult life events or significant changes by meeting their specific, individual needs.

The Change Reaction was founded in 2019 by Greg and Jodi Perlman, who are the heart and soul behind what we do.

The Change Reaction started with a simple conversation at UCLA Hospital, where they wondered about the financial help families needed during their hospitalizations. It turned out there wasn't much support for these needs. Hotel stays, transportation, rent, and parking fees became financial burdens to patients and families during their hospitalizations. That's when the Perlman’s decided to make a change. They created a fund at UCLA and, working side by side with hospital social workers, began providing financial assistance to patients facing these struggles.

Fast forward to today. What began as a spark at UCLA has grown into something extraordinary. Our unique way of helping has evolved into a hyper-local, caring approach. We've built a network of change agents—social workers, nurses, doctors, faith leaders, police officers, lawyers, city council members, and community champions. These amazing people help us find the hardworking folks who need financial support at critical moments.

Every week, we receive about 200 grant requests

Our Change Reaction team reads each request and most requests are fulfilled within 24 hours.  We understand that the situations that come to us are urgent and we treat them as such. That's the Change Reaction way – quick, caring, and always there when it's needed.

The Change Reaction came to life in October 2019, born out of Greg and Jodi Perlman's desire to make a real difference.

After years of big charitable giving, they realized the true joy was in seeing their help directly impact people's lives. They discovered that the real magic happens when you empower the heroes in our communities – the social workers, teachers, nurses, and faith leaders. Now, their vision has turned into one of the biggest direct giving platforms in our city. Join us in spreading the love and making Los Angeles a better place, one grant at a time.

A letter from our founder

10 years ago, Jodi and I sponsored a Christmas event at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission that houses 19 families.

When we were told the event would be delayed because many of the parents weren’t yet back from work, we asked the Executive Director, Wade Trimmer,  “How could working people and their families be living in a homeless shelter?” He explained that in Los Angeles, with our high cost of living, one emergency or life event can set working people on a downward spiral, ultimately ending up in homeless shelter. Jodi and I couldn’t reconcile this and from that moment the first roots of the Change Reaction were planted.

In 2019, we formed The Change Reaction to become  a true direct giving platform that was uniquely focused on working people in Los Angeles facing financial emergencies. We created what would be our first of over 100 “Angel Funds” with UCLA Hospital to provide financial assistance to working patients and families facing life threatening illnesses.  

Five years later, we have given over $30 million dollars to families through our network of over 250 non profit organizations encompassing close to 2,000 social workers, nurses, teachers and other community leaders. With Change Reaction funds at their immediate disposal, we are supercharging  our city’s true heroes to help people like never before.  

The Change Reaction is not a foundation, charity, or nonprofit. It is a giving movement with the mission of bringing love, hope, and respect to our hardworking neighbors. We love the teachers that raise our children, we respect our nurses that take care of our sick, we honor the grandparents raising their grandchildren and we bring hope to the millions of workers that make up the fabric of Los Angeles.

2023 was an amazing year with over $14 million in giving to almost 25,000 individuals and families. Thanks to all of our incredible partners, the best is yet to come. New programs are being developed, our reach is expanding, and other generous donors are joining the movement and committed to lifting up our city.  We Love LA!!


We have distributed $30 million across Los Angeles with the help of OUR 250 partner organizations

Our work continues to evolve through our interactions with partner organizations and their clients. We listen to people who are going through hardships and to those helping them, and respond to what we hear.

The result? Our most trusted frontline workers get wind in their sails, Angelenos have their faith in humanity restored, and donors experience deep fulfillment when they see the direct impact of their gifts.

the giving cycle

We also encourage everyone who receives a Change Reaction grant to be part of the giving cycle by identifying a specific action they can take to lift up someone else.

Our goal is to empower as many people as we can through our grants and through the experience of being part of a chain of giving.