The Change Reaction was founded in 2019 by Greg and Jodi Perlman and a group of like-minded Los Angeles-based donors seeking to strengthen the fabric of their communities through a whole new way of giving. Since then, the movement has welcomed dozens of nonprofit organizations and helped create countless success stories, sparking a change reaction for good across Los Angeles that we hope to ripple throughout the country. 

Wade TrimmerPresident
Daphna Nissanoff - GerendashProgram Manager
Brooke PerlmanMarketing and Social Media Coordinator
Charlie PortilloProgram Assistant
Lee SchubeExecutive Director

Wade Trimmer


Wade’s work is all about restoring faith in humanity. As President, he wakes up each day and asks himself how he can help more people than he did the day before. He strives to learn as much as he can about the power of generosity that pursuit is holistic because it encompasses every aspect of his life. 


Wade is a highly relational connector and enjoys developing strategies that make positive impacts on others’ lives. When he’s not working, Wade loves the outdoors and enjoy hiking, cycling and mountain biking. This year, he is learning 52 new skills (1 each week) including riding a unicycle and paragliding!


Favorite Quote:

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You would be surprised how far that gets you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson


Daphna Nissanoff - Gerendash

Program Manager

As a Program Manager, Daphna facilitates helping those who are facing one-time short term emergency financial struggles. She likes to say that she is the matchmaker between the person in need and the people that want to help. She loves building relationships across the board—with her team, The Change Reaction’s partners and the individuals with whom she connects to provide assistance.


Daphna is compassionate, meticulous, dedicated and relentlessness. Daphna loves to do activities with her family when she is not working. 


Favorite Quote:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward


Brooke Perlman

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

As Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, Brooke spends a lot of her time developing content in order to share good news and kindness that happens at The Change Reaction every day. She works closely with partners and Change Agents to be able to highlight the incredible work they do and share their stories with the rest of the world.


Brooke is thoughtful, communicative, dedicated and enthusiastic. When she’s not working, Brooke loves to play tennis, make music and read murder mystery and romance novels. 


Favorite Quote:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Charlie Portillo

Program Assistant

Charlie spends most of his time carefully reading the stories of the people in the community that are experiencing emergency financial crises and directing them to donors that are interested in helping these individuals and families out. 


Charlie’s strengths are listening and being understanding. When he is not working, he likes to be outside exploring the different recreational areas that Los Angeles has to offer, as well as finding ways to challenge himself both physically and mentally. 


Favorite Quote:

“The only thing there is to fear is, fear itself.” – FDR


Lee Schube

Executive Director

Lee is the Executive Director of the All Ways Up Foundation, an organization founded by Greg and Jodi in 2009. The mission of All Ways Up is to help low income and first generation youth get into and through college. Lee’s favorite part of her work is the deep connections she is able to make with the students and the leaders of the college access and success programs that All Ways Up supports. She was thrilled to work with Greg and Jodi, helping them bring The Change Reaction to life. As she often says, “I get to do this.”
Lee loves to ride her bike, practice yoga and tending to her tomato plants. She is the proud mother of two adult sons and has been married to her husband Peter for 35 years!
Favorite Quote:

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King, Jr.