Kinship Caregiver Initiative

Providing Real Support to Family Members

The Change Reaction is providing critical resources necessary to give children placed with family members a comfortable home. 

Family Matters

Every day the foster care system in Los Angeles County provides shelter for over 18,000 children, with more than half of them being placed in the care of relatives, known as kinship placements. All throughout the city, relatives are taking in children to provide them a safe and comfortable home with someone they love. 

However, many kin caregivers are ill-prepared to handle the challenges they face. Inadequate living spaces requiring repairs, the health issues of elderly caregivers, and financial struggles pose significant barriers to providing proper care for the children. Also, the escalating costs of housing, food, utilities, and transportation further compound the financial strain on kin caregivers.

A Look at the Numbers

Since starting this in November 2023, we’ve supported 395 kids.