The pressures that come with graduating from college. The challenges of reestablishing life after incarceration. The financial roadblocks to accomplishing career goals. What if there was a way to support people through transitions just like these? There is now, thanks to The Change Reaction’s new Upward Fund.

The Upward Fund is a stipend program for hardworking Angelenos who need funds to keep their personal goals and plans on track. Partner organizations can nominate qualifying individuals for a oneyear, $5,100 stipend, paid out in increments of $425 per month—as long as participants continue to meet the program requirements. In exchange for providing coaching and resources throughout the program, our referring partner organizations will receive an administrative grant of $500 for each participant who successfully completes their first 3 months.

If your client meets the requirements and you see the potential for upward trajectory, then please have them apply. The Upward Fund may be just the boost lift they need to move more confidently into the next chapter of their lives.