Pre-screening Tool Upward Fund

Please use this tool to determine if you should nominate your client for the  Upward Fund.


Are they 18 or older?


Are they currently living in Southern California (between Bakersfield and San Diego)?


Are they currently permanently housed or transitioning soon into permanent housing (able to show a signed lease)?


Are they currently employed with an individual gross income between $25k & $75k per year?


Are they contributing financially to their rent or mortgage?


If your nominee is currently enrolled in higher education, do they anticipate they will graduate within the next year?


If your nominee is currently enrolled in higher education, will they be able to maintain employment and the income range of $25k-$75k per year?


Are they willing to complete the required financial literacy course?


Are they willing and able to complete monthly check-ins via Canary’s online system?

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If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, then your client does not qualify for the Upward Fund at this time.
If you answered "YES" to all of these questions, your client is an ideal nominee for the Upward Fund.

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