VETSs Inc. and Change Reaction Launch Angel Fund to Support Mental Health for Special Operations Veterans

(City) - VETS, Inc. today announced the establishment of the The Michael Clark, Greg Perlman and Kevin Weiss Angel Fund made possible through a generous donation to The Change Reaction from Michael Clark, Greg Perlman and Kevin Weiss. The VETS Angel Fund will provide grants to support Special Operations Soldiers seeking entheogenic medicinal treatments to address injuries sustained while serving our country.

These treatments can offer meaningful alternative solutions for mild traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress according to recent peer-reviewed study released by the journal of Chronic Stress on July 8, 2020.

"We are honored and humbled to accept this generous donation, which will impact, and in some cases SAVE, the lives of U.S. Special Operations combat veterans seeking alternative therapies in addressing the invisible wounds of war.  VETS, Inc. is  abundantly grateful for the support of Greg, Mike, and Kevin, and truly inspired by the amazing work of Change Reaction," said Amber Capone of VETS, Inc.

“We are thrilled to partner with VETS, Inc. to assist Special Operations Soldiers who are seeking alternative treatments,” said Greg Perlman, founder of The Change Reaction. “This Angel Fund seeks to empower veterans who have served on the front lines to explore every possible mental health solution when they return home.”


Click HERE to watch a Short Video on the Mission of VETS

About VETS, Inc.

VETS, Inc. aims to support Special Operations Soldiers seeking unconventional healing by utilizing the power and promise of entheogenic medicines. VETS, Inc. intends to shed light on root-cause veteran health issues, many stemming from mild traumatic brain injury, while also advocating for psycho-spiritual healing and finding powerful antidotes to addiction.  VETS, Inc. believes that entheogenic medicine work lays the proper foundation for additional layers of healing. This ‘foundational healing’ is ideal for ensuring continued progress in a myriad of areas, and is solidified by a robust coaching program.

About The Change Reaction

The Change Reaction is a revolutionary direct giving platform that transforms the way we give and how it’s received! The Change Reaction partners with community organizations who have identified people facing unexpected emergencies or who just need a boost to move ahead. With funds provided by wealthy donors in the community, the organizations are able to give direct grants to meet these needs. Launched in Los Angeles in 2019, The Change Reaction has provided over 2,000 direct grants through 35 community organizations and hospitals, creating a movement that is being replicated in communities around the country.

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